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 Physical Model
  • Any Part, Tool, Mold, Sample
  • Any Size, Small or Large
  • Any Location, Yours or Ours
 Point Cloud
  • Data Accumulated using contact or non-contact means
  • Data density up to 250,000 points per square inch
  • Fast turnaround
  • Suitable for CNC machining or Rapid Prototyping
 Cross-Sectional View
  • Sections "cut" through POINT CLOUD or Scanned Directly
  • Suitable for upstream CAD applications
  • Comparisons to CAD nominal section available
 Surface 3D Model
  • Fully trimmed Surfaces
  • IGES or native CAD formats
  • Suitable for part duplication
 Data Analysis
  • Compare actual scanned data to 3D surface models
  • Analyze process variations
  • Determine part acceptability